A Whale of a Time in Puerto Vallarta

Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta

Whale watching is one of those activities that we’ve tried several times but without success. It’s disappointing to pay for a trip out into a bay or ocean only to be rewarded by seeing a few seagulls.

Our recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, however, made up for all of the other attempts.

We booked our trip out into the Bay of Banderas with Vallarta Adventures, a company that uses light aircraft each morning to spot the whales. It’s an efficient system so that there is a better chance of spotting them than simply cruising around hoping to see something.

Right away we were treated to humpbacks breaching and slapping their tails. The exhibition went on for some time before they moved on. A person sees such things from time to time, but it seems they always happen to someone else. This time, the jaw-dropping sight was all ours.

A friend on the trip noted that he has spent 30 years going on whale watching trips and never seen anything like what we viewed that day.

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One Tequila, Two Tequila…

While there we took the opportunity to travel (part of the city tour) to the family-operated Don Tadeo tequila “factory”. The tour offers a mock-up of how tequila was traditionally made with the small vats, the aging process and how the Blue Agave plant is used. The family explains how tequila was traditionally made, offers tastes of the varieties, including several flavoured varieties, then steers you into the store to purchase a bottle or two.

They produce 28 varieties, of which 23 are flavoured. It was a very entertaining and enlightening visit. We purchased several kinds of aged tequila, keeping in mind the liquor limits we were allowed to bring back into Canada.

While we have never been tequila fans, we were pleasantly surprised at how smooth and rich the tequila was depending on how long it has been aged and what flavouring was added.

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