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Golf, golf and more golf. And beaches. That was our goal in going to Cabo, so we opted for a relaxing all-inclusive package. It’s a great way to spend a week in a 4- or 5-star resort with all of your meal and drink costs taken care of up front. We have found, and our friends agree, that not having to prepare meals or think about their expense takes stress out of a limited time vacation. All-ins are popular in Mexico and the Caribbean and such vacations usually include flights and airport transportation for a single price. And if you can get them on sale, even better.

Nighttime view of the pool at the Dreams Hotel in Cabo San Lucas
Nighttime view of the pool at the Dreams Hotel in Cabo San Lucas

For us, our daily work can be stressful, so when the opportunity comes to “get away from it all” we jump at it. For us, this time around we found a great deal at a 5-star Dreams resort on the beach, part way between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo on the southern end of the Baja Peninsula.

For those who like a lively night scene, stay close to Cabo. But for those who want a relaxing beach stay, choose to stay closer to the quieter San Jose del Cabo.

When we checked in we were offered to upgrade to Preferred status for an extra fee. There are certain advantages to that, but we chose not to and we found no issues with booking restaurants or accessing any part of the Dreams property.

Our room was right over the lobby, which can get noisy later in the evenings, so if you want a quieter room, ask to stay on the north side of the resort closer to the adult pool.

The resort is smaller than other all-ins we have stayed at, but we found that appealing since we just wanted to relax and stay away from crowds.

Day Trips from Cabo San Lucas

We took a day trip to Cabo San Lucas. Taxis work from a day sheet so there is no reason to haggle, but it’s always best to check with the concierge or directly with the driver to confirm prices.

We found a beach bar along the strip but were constantly approached by trinket salesmen. Even a nice stroll along the beach brings them out. We almost felt like wearing signs in Spanish, “Not interested!”

The famous El Arco or Arch at the southern tip of the Baja
The famous El Arco or Arch at the southern tip of the Baja

One of the things they were selling was a boat ride out to the famous El Arco (arch). We haggled the cost down to $10 per person, but we soon found that we would be jammed into a boat with a large number of others and may not be able to experience the view the way we wanted. So we opted to walk to the marina and hire a boat for $15 per person. Our boat had only a few others, which made the extra cost worthwhile.

While the water is rough, it didn’t take long to get to the Arch. By the way, the sand under the Arch is only visible every four years, so if you go, check to see whether that option is available. As well, the boat can stop at two of the famous beaches, Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach. The water is calmer at Lover’s Beach and thus the beach can be crowded, while Divorce Beach faces the ocean with larger waves, but fewer people. Of the two, we liked Divorce Beach. The boat will offer to come back and pick you up after a few hours if you wish. Note that there are no amenities on the beach, so be sure to bring water.

Wine barrels in the entrance to Cabo Wabo in Cabo
Wine barrels in the entrance to Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucas

After the Arch we walked over to Cabo Wabo, Sammy Hagar’s (of Van Halen fame) bar that is an interesting place to stop in for a cold one and to people watch. The place is also full of music memorobilia. Downstairs in the cantina there is live music during the day. At night, live music switches over to the lower bar.





View of golf course overlooking the ocean at Cabo San Lucas
Puerto Los Cabos golf resort at Cabo San Lucas

If you’re golfers like we are, you’ll find the courses are great, but expensive. Still, we couldn’t go without playing a few rounds. One of the courses we would recommend is the Puerto Los Cabos Golf Resort near the Secrets Hotel. This was an amazing, efficiently run course. The marshals really knew the course and the tee sheet. They let us go out early instead of our scheduled slot behind a giant tournament and when things got backed up, they moved people around so the backlog was short lived. The cost may be higher at the course, but the cart, food and drinks were all included. If you’re going to play more than one round, we recommend bringing your own clubs as the rental rate at the club is more expensive than the extra baggage fee charged by the airlines.


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