How to Keep Your Golf Fitness Habit at the Airport

As a road warrior, you spend a lot of time travelling to play the best golf courses.

A typical airline meal
Airline food often doesn’t cut it

Trying to eat right can be difficult. Airplane food doesn’t cut it.

But what to do instead? Restaurants in airports aren’t bad if you like menus that lean towards fast food and are expensive to boot. Airports are getting better with their food selections, but it might still take you a bit of hunting to find a place that serves better fare.

So here’s a couple of suggestions on the food side…



Sliced veggies
Fresh food is best

If you plan to check a bag on your flight, pack foods that travel well. Protein shakes in single serve packages work very well. Hard boiled eggs, sliced veggies, nuts and fruit (when travelling domestically). Skip the nuts and fruit part if planning to cross international borders. Check the country you are heading to for these kinds of restrictions.





Protein drink in a glass
Try a protein drink as a good meal replacement

I’m a sucker for sweets, so at the airport I’ll head over to the juice bar and grab a veggie and fruit concoction. But hold on. One look at the nutrition list will give you second thoughts. One drink I checked had 300 calories, 68 grams of carbs, of which 59 grams is sugar. If you plan on a long plane ride, there is no way to burn that off. So your weight issues start even before you begin your trip. As a treat, they’re fine, but if you drink these as part of a weight management program, think again.

Subs and burgers, although higher in protein, are also loaded with salt and calories. Again, not a good way to start the vacation. Look for high protein, low carb, salt and sugar-free foods. And beware the protein bars. Often they are simply chocolate bars in disguise, so check the labels for sugar, aspartame and other ingredients.

Instead, do yourself a favour and prepare something at home to get you started on the right foot.

…and some suggestions on the exercise side.

When travelling, it’s getting easier to stay connected to a gym or yoga space on all legs of your trip. Even airports are getting into the act, with workout facilities right in the terminals, or within a short walk to nearby airport hotels.

Airport gyms are in short supply. notes that by their count there are 13 airport gyms in Canada and 190 in the U.S. A quick search found that many of these are not at the terminals, but require a short cab ride to a local gym or hotel. So what else can you do?

We know that large terminals are tough, especially if you are connecting from one to another. Maybe there’s a silver lining. Make use of the long walk to keep moving between flights. It’s tough to do a light jog with a bag in tow, but the walk is better than sitting.

Another great calorie burner is stairs. Use them to walk between departures and arrivals. Walk up, then down. Repeat.

Stretching is a good habit to get into. Long flights play havoc on the circulation, so when possible a little stretching can go a long way.

The Yoga Room at San Francisco International
The Yoga Room at San Francisco International

Mall walking is a great way to stretch your legs, so why not within large airport terminals? Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has a 1.4 mile walking path in its Lindbergh Terminal starting at the intersection of the C and D concourses.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has a free yoga studio. Located in International Terminal D, the studio is open all the time, and features yoga mats and a looping DVD instructional video.

DFW’s Terminal D also houses a walking path between gates D6 and D40, and includes two staircases for that extra cardio push.

San Francisco’s International Airport (SFO) offers two free yoga spaces. One is in Terminal 3 near Gate 69, Post-Security. The second is just pass security in Terminal 2. Yoga mats and props are available.

Other yoga space is provided at ORD (Chicago O’Hare). And check out Chicago O’Hare’s facility in the nearby Hilton hotel.

Walking paths can also be found at IND (Indianapolis), CLE (Cleveland) and STL (St. Louis) airports.

GoodLife Fitness opened at Toronto’s Pearson International (YYZ) Airport’s Terminal 1 near Gate F. All the normal gym amenities are available.

Changi Airport (SIN) in Singapore, consistently rated as one of the best in the world, offers fitness lounges in all three terminals. You have access to free weights, exercise bikes and cross trainers, shower.

Hotels are partnering with airports to provide facilities within walking distance of the airports they serve. For instance, connected to Vancouver International Airport in B.C. is the Fairmont Hotel’s health club with free weights, treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowing and weight machines, saunas, pools and showers.

The Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport Hotel is connected to the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. The hotel’s fitness studio features steppers, stationary bikes and treadmills.

The Munich Airport’s Kempinski Hotel Fit & Fly Spa offers a pool area, air conditioned gym. Physiotherapists and massage therapists are available.

When in Zurich, head to the International Airport’s fitness facility located at the nearby Radisson Blu hotel.

Farther afield is the Dubai Airport Hotel’s G-Force health club (in Concourse B, Terminal 3). The fully equipped club in the Sheikh Rashid Terminal features resistance and cardiovascular machines, a swimming pool, shower facilities, saunas, jacuzzis, steam rooms and massage rooms.

If you have the time, check at the front desk of your hotel to see if you can use the gym for an hour or so. There might be a charge but the facilities will offer a wide range of equipment.

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