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Fall in Love in San Francisco

Last summer marked the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco. In 1967 Scott Mckenzie penned a tune that recognized the 60’s Flower Power movement, centred in the Haight Ashbury district. That year, more than 100,000 people gathered on the now famous Haight street to usher in the summer of love. The community became a magnet for musicians where many well-known bands from the 60s made their names…and some of the infamous variety also lived, such as Charles Manson, Patty Hearst and the Hells Angels.

Standing at the corner of Haight and Ashbury
Standing at the corner of Haight and Ashbury

Those of us old enough to remember Janis Joplin and the Holding Company or the Grateful Dead will be pleased to know that some of those memories live on in a walking tour that takes you to the corner of Haight and Ashbury (now a convenience store) and the surrounding neighbourhood to view houses where the musicians lived.

Jimi Hendrix's former apartment in San Francisco
Jimi Hendrix’s former apartment in San Francisco

Although Jimi Hendrix is associated with his home town of Seattle, he spent quite a bit of time in San Francisco, living in an apartment at 1524A Haight Street just a few doors down from the famous Haight Ashbury intersection.  The building is known locally as the Jimi Hendrix House. The house is painted Red to honour his legacy.

Charles Manson and a few followers lived here in 1967
Charles Manson and a few followers lived here in 1967



In 1967 Charles Manson lived in the neighbourhood for a few months before moving to southern California. The house at 636 Cole Street was home to Manson, Mary Brunner, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme and a few others.

The Grateful Dead lived here from 1966 to 1968
The Grateful Dead lived here from 1966 to 1968



The Grateful Dead lived at 710 Ashbury Street for two years between 1966 and 1968. The house was the scene of a famous drug bust in 1967 that netted police a pound of marijuana.




Jefferson Airplane lived at 2400 Fulton Street. One of the Airplane’s albums was named for the house.









Janis Joplin lived at 122 Lyon Street for a time. She apparently lived there with her boyfriend Country Joe McDonald of Country Joe and the Fish (who played at Woodstock) fame.



Here’s a great resource to get you started on a walking tour of the district. And when you go, be sure to wear flowers in your hair!

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