Golfing at Wintergreen Golf and Country Club

Wintergreen Golf Club is just west of Calgary at Bragg Creek. While challenging, it’s one of our favourite courses with plenty of forest and water views, wildlife and a variety of elevations.

Good use of irons on a par 3
Several par 3’s let you bring out the irons

It’s an 18-hole, par 72 championship course that is one of the area’s best kept secrets, but it should be on every golfer’s list. We’ve played there twice, and each time find something new to like. It’s challenging for every level, but not so daunting that the novice won’t enjoy the day. Because it’s approaching the foothills, golfers are greeted with forests and streams that add a peaceful, pleasing visual element to the game.

Every course in Alberta now has a policy to respond to COVID-19. Among the changes: Don’t touch the flags, no bunker rakes, ball washers or benches. And players must keep their distance from each other. We didn’t find the rules onerous, and in fact, felt they were an improvement. For instance, balls no longer went into the blocked cups, benefiting our short games, and golfers weren’t stacked up behind us or ahead of us. The extra spacing kept the round moving along nicely, even with a cart path only rule due to wet fairways, which slowed us down at times.


Par 3, 3rd hole at Wintergreen is marked by forest and water hazards
The third hole at Wintergreen is not as easy as it looks

The course opened in 1991. It’s surrounded by pine and spruce forests, and features some steep rises and dips, plus a 12-acre lake, and plenty of water and sand hazards. There are five par 3’s – three on the front nine and two on the back nine – which nicely set up friendly hole-in-one challenges.

The course is very walkable, but the hill at the 9th fairway is a tough one, so get a running start!

The long winter took its toll on many of the greens, leaving large rough, brown spots. But with spring rains, we expect that these spots will be greatly reduced by the time summer appears.


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